Football NSW and thus the National Premier Leagues competition operates under the National Code of Conduct as set out by Football Federation Australia.


FFA Sports Betting and Match Fixing Guidelines:



This document sets out the guiding principles and provides general advice to all Players and Officials in Australia on the issues surrounding the integrity of football and betting.

These guidelines are to be read with the FFA National Code of Conduct and are designed to underpin Football Federation Australia’s (FFA) education programme for Players and Officials.

These guidelines will be reviewed regularly by FFA to ensure it maintains its relevance.



2.1 Know the rules.

Before the start of each season, FFA recommends that you familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations in respect of betting on football.

The FFA National Code of Conduct can be found here.

The FIFA Code of Ethics can be found here

2.2 Do Not Bet On Football.

You must never bet on any match you or your team is involved in as it would trigger a conflict of interest that compromises the integrity of football.

If you bet on yourself or your opponent you risk having your image and reputation tarnished, being banned by football (possibly for life) and possibly becoming the subject of a criminal investigation and/or prosecution.

Betting on other games within football is also prohibited.

2.3 Be careful about handling sensitive information.

You are likely to know and/ or be friends with many other people involved in football in Australia and overseas and this may create concerns as to whether you have been privy to any confidential or sensitive information.

Occasionally, through your contacts, you may become privy to or potentially disclose sensitive or confidential information and the recipient may naively use that information for the purposes of betting. This is strictly prohibited.

Accordingly, you should act with caution in dealing with such confidential or sensitive information.

As a Player or Official, you will have access to information that is not yet available to the general public, including information about player injuries or the starting line-up. FFA considers this to be sensitive or inside information.

This information is likely to be useful for people betting on football who want to secure an unfair advantage.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong having access to sensitive information; it is what you do with it that matters. Most athletes know that they should not discuss team tactics with anyone outside of the team.

The same is true of sensitive information. The following guidance is intended to protect Players and Officials from potential problems.

• You should never swap sensitive information about you, your team or football for reward, gifts or favours.

• It looks suspicious if you repeatedly pass on information to a person, even if there is no obvious reward.

2.4 Match Fixing.

Fixing a match goes against the rules of football and is illegal. Fixing a match could result in serious consequences including a lifetime ban and possibly criminal sanctions.

Whatever the reason, do not seek to fix any aspect of a match. Do not put yourself in a situation which would bring you, or even force you, to adversely influence the natural course of a match.

FFA recommends that you do not put yourself at risk by:

• Always performing to the best of your abilities.

• Not letting yourself be manipulated - certain individuals might try to develop a relationship with you built on favours or fears that they will then try to exploit for their benefit in possibly fixing a match or matches.

This can include the offer of gifts, loans and support.

• Raising any concerns about anyone making offers to you with someone, such as your coach, a senior player or FFA.



3.1 Family and friends.

Your family and friends’ betting behaviours or relations with certain individuals could create problems for you.
For example, if someone you know is betting on you or your club to win or lose this could be traced back to you and will raise suspicions.

3.2 Detection.

Betting operators use sophisticated security measures to enable bets to be traced and reported to FFA or relevant authorities.

Betting operators can also record and trace your bets for fraud prevention purposes.

3.3 Responsible betting.

Underage betting is illegal. If you are under 18 you must not access a sports betting website.

Be aware that gambling and/or betting could be harmful if not controlled and kept in moderation.

If you need support or advice then ask for help.

The My Football Career program provides access to independent and qualified counselling via Relationships Australia and/or the program's independent psychologist network.

Betting sites will also have details of a confidential helpline number or you can visit

3.4 If in doubt – tell someone

If you have reason to suspect someone is acting in an inappropriate manner, then trust your instinct and tell someone – either your club, Member Federation or FFA.

It is also important to keep a record of this communications. Any threats should always be reported. If you have any queries on sports betting issues do not hesitate to contact FFA’s Integrity Officer at