Josh Symons loving the finals hype


The decision to make the move from Parramatta FC to APIA Leichhardt Tigers has paid off in more ways than one for defender Josh Symons.

The 22 year old, who last season captained Parramatta FC during their first campaign in the PlayStation®4 National Premier Leagues NSW Men’s competition after gaining promotion, was one of APIA’s most notable preseason signings and it has proven a match made in heaven for both club and player.

The centre back said it was the chance to team up with his brother, APIA winger Sean Symons, which was the driving force behind the move.

“I was really excited to play in the same team as Sean. It has been great to have him there to share all the great moments we have had as a team this season,” he said.

“I really enjoyed my time at Parramatta and being club captain last season made making the move all the more difficult. I didn’t want to let anybody down.

“However, in the end it was an opportunity too good to turn down and it has thankfully turned out to have been the right decision.”

The addition of Symons has helped transform the APIA defence into the best in the league and played a major role in helping the Leichhardt club end their 30 year Premiership drought this season.

“We are lucky to have so many talented defensive players in the squad this season and two great goalkeepers in Ivan (Necevski) and Luke (Turnbull),” he said.

“It means you have to be at the top of your game at all times because competition for a starting position is so fierce.

“I think our defence gets underrated a bit because the focus is always on how good we are going forward. We’ve all worked very hard this season and it has been an incredible experience to have achieved what we have so far.”

Symons said he can’t wait for Sunday’s grand final and has been putting in the hard yards during training so he is in tip top shape for the match.

“The club has gone and organised for the team to train at Leichhardt Oval all week to help us acclimatise to the pitch and conditions,” he said.

“It is very exciting to play in a big game like this and we are really driven to come away with the title.

“The club and everyone involved is super excited. Hopefully we can capitalise on the great support when we take the field.

One familiar face lining up across the field for Manly United this weekend is Symons friend and former Parramatta FC teammate Marco Sama. 

“It is pretty funny that we will be playing against each other on Sunday,” he said.

“Marco has been doing well for Manly so I will have to keep an eye on him during the game. We have been playing very well and I;,

“I hope he has a good game, just not too much of a good game that it stops APIA from winning. 

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