Melanoma Institute joins forces with Wollongong Wolves


The world’s largest melanoma-specific treatment and research facility, Melanoma Institute Australia, is joining forces with PlayStation4 National Premier Leagues NSW Men’s side Wollongong Wolves Football Club in the battle to reduce Australia’s melanoma rates.

CEO of Melanoma Institute Australia, Carole Renouf, announced the partnership at a function in Wollongong in support of Wolves’ legend David Cervinski who is battling melanoma.

Ms Renouf said the partnership between MIA and the Wollongong Wolves would help promote sun safe behaviour amongst Wolves’ players and also spread the life-saving message to family and fans.

“It is crucial that young Australians take steps now to protect their skin from sun damage,” Ms Renouf said.

“Intense, intermittent sun exposure leading to sunburn, especially before puberty, significantly increases your risk of developing melanoma in the future.

“The real tragedy of melanoma is that it is largely preventable, so we are delighted to be working with the Wollongong Wolves from the grass roots level to change behaviour and save lives.”

CEO of Wollongong Wolves Football Club Chris Papakosmas said, “Partnering with Melanoma Institute Australia is one of the most important sponsorships for our club. Following on from David Cervinski’s recent battles we thought this was a great way to raise awareness.”

One Australian dies from melanoma every six hours. Melanoma is the most common cancer affecting 15-39 year-old Australians and the leading cause of cancer death in 20-39 year-olds. The incidence of melanoma in the over 60s is also high, a legacy of sun-damage from decades ago.

As part of the partnership, Melanoma Institute Australia’s logo will feature prominently on the 2017 jerseys of all Wollongong Wolves juniors.

There will also be ongoing education, sun-safety and fundraising campaigns, including the Wolves involvement in MIA’s annual Melanoma March fundraising event at Wollongong’s Stuart Park on Sunday 12 March.

“This partnership is crucial in tackling melanoma head on,” said Ms Renouf.

“We are delighted to be working with the Wollongong Wolves and together help end melanoma for future generations.”


Wolves’ fans can join the fight against melanoma by participating in Melanoma March Wollongong on Sunday 12 March. To register, go to