Adam Federici announced as Wolves Ambassador


Socceroo and AFC Bournemouth goalkeeper Adam Federici has been announced as an official Ambassador for the Wolves Hyundai A-League expansion submission.

Adam developed his skills on the South Coast as a Huskisson Football Club junior, just south-east of Nowra, NSW and rose to the very top, representing Australia and competing in the toughest and most prestigious competitions in the world.

“Football has been an amazing journey for me. I have been blessed I have managed to make a long, successful career out of playing the sport I love. I’ve played for Australia, been right across the planet and have experienced all the joys and heartaches there is in football. Wouldn’t change a second of it.”

In the very early years Adam was forced to travel long distances to improve his game, get exposure to the additional level of quality training required and be exposed to the strongest competition available to improve his game.

“At the time it was really hard for us as a family. I was really fortunate in that my mum and dad were able to make the 3 to 4 hour drive, 3 to 4 times a week plus match days to give me the best possible chance. I was one of the lucky ones as there were many other kids from Huskisson and the South Coast who just didn’t have the support I did. That meant they didn’t get the opportunities I did, and didn’t get the chances I did.”

A very strong and vocal supporter of football in Australia, Adam continues to keep a very close eye on how the game is developing at home. He is passionate about opportunities for all junior football players, male and female and providing pathways that are available to all, not simply those in capital cities or major areas.

“I think talk of expanding the A League is very exciting. Growing the game nationally is crucial for our future. I’ve been closely following how the Wolves have positioned themselves over the last few months and have no doubt they are the perfect addition for an expanded A League competition. The Illawarra and South Coast has more than enough local talent to draw from and we can easily justify a stand-alone team.”  observed Federici.

Of particular interest to Federici is the commitment the Wolves are showing for the Shoalhaven and Far South Coast. Recently announcing ex Wolves player Richard Peil as Talent Identification and Development Manager for the ACT and Far South Coast, the Wolves intention is to work closely with the local football associations in the region and announce similar appointments and programs for the Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands.

Federici commented, “What really impresses me about the Wolves is they are engaging the entire region and genuinely looking to provide the best options and opportunities for our juniors. The Illawarra and South Coast is one of Australia’s great football nurseries and the amount of talent who have come from here and gone on to play A League, overseas and for Australia is staggering. Having an A League presence for the Wolves means the complete pathways are right there for all our kids and they won’t have to experience the difficulties and disruptions I did to make it. We’ve proven in the past we can more than hold our own on a national level and we can do even better in the future.”

Federici understands more than anyone the sacrifices and challenges some kids face in pursuing their dreams. He readily acknowledges it was the ongoing commitment and support from his parents that gave him the start he required to follow his passion.

“I was definitely not the most talented of footballers growing up. There were many, many kids naturally far more gifted than I was, who could have easily made it. The difference though was they didn’t have the opportunities I did. The South Coast/Far South Coast of NSW is a massive catchment area, brimming with talent. We just have to make sure they have the chance to progress regardless of their background or financial status. I am a huge advocate of giving the kids in my old stomping grounds pathways to progress which is why I’ve agreed to get right behind the Wolves in their push for inclusion in the expanded A-League. The Wolves have already been very positive is engaging that area and it will prove to be a gold mine for talent for the future.” said Federici.

His agreement to become an Ambassador for the Wolves A-League bid was made knowing a strong, stand-alone presence for the Illawarra and South Coast in the Australian A League National competition will result in kids being provided options that weren’t available previously and give them the chance to pursue their own dreams in their own backyard.

-Wollongong Wolves Press Release