Three’s a charm for the Sama brothers


If you were to look through the years of football here in New South Wales let alone Australia, you wouldn’t find a record quite like the one the Sama brothers are about to set this season as members of Parramatta FC’s PlayStation4 National Premier Leagues NSW Mens side.

Come the turn of the season, Marco, Nicolo and Gosue Sama will play side by side becoming one of the first family trio seen in NPL football history.

With seventy plus years worth of football between the three of them, it was Gosue (35), Nicolo (32) and Marco (25) who all reminisced about their days in the backyard as kids.

It was where it all began for them.

“Even with a ten-year gap between Gosue and Marco, football growing up at home mainly consisted of me and Gosue putting Marco through his paces. He learnt very quickly that we weren’t going to hold back regardless of the obvious size difference.”

“(Laughs) Me and Gosue normally ended up in trouble off mum after Marco would run off in tears. That or because we’d knocked another one of the fence palings out trying to find the top corner.”

A golden childhood for each of the three brothers, Gosue believes the time they have spent together with a football has made them who they are today.

“We were always outside. We were and still are so competitive. We wanted to become better footballers and I think we all learnt off each other. We used to dream of all playing together but I don’t think any of us believed it would actually happen all these years later.”

After playing within their respective clubs and age groups growing up, both Gosue and Marco have spent the last few seasons with Parramatta whilst Nicolo was living overseas.

Upon his return Gosue and Marco prompted the possibility of bring Nicolo into the squad which was soon to become a reality.

It has come with its challenges in the form of work and family life for the three of them but with an opportunity like this, Marco believes it was an easy decision.

“We didn’t have to think twice. For us all, I think it will be the highlight of our playing careers. I can attribute much of my development as a player to Nicolo and Gosue, so to be able to play alongside them at such a fantastic and genuine club like Parramatta will mean so so much to the three of us and our family. It’s history”

“As a team, we are all geared up and ready to go for round 1. We have a very well rounded squad including the under 20’s who will no doubt push to be apart of the first team. It grows that healthy competition and I really believe we have a side this year that can push on and compete for a spot in the finals.”

-By Joseph Esposito